Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Question for Charles Gatewood

This is a triptych of images, all taken in front of the New York County Supreme Court building at 60 Centre Street in Lower Manahttan. On the left is the original, a fairly well-known Henri Cartier-Bresson picture from 1947. In the center is an image taken some 30 years later by the photographer Charles Gatewood. Gatewood's image appears in his 1984 limited-edition book titled "Wall Street," which I bought in 1998 or so. Look at how the pillars line up in both images, and in particular the gaps in between the pillars. Although Gatewood is shooting with a wider lens, he is clearly standing in the same exact spot as HCB. My question for Gatewood is, was this intentional or purely coincidental? An homage or entirely happenstance? I noticed this early 2001 and within a few days had my own version of the scene from nearly the same spot (far right).

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Always New York" group show at Lunasa

I'm happy to announce I'm participating in a group show at Lunasa, 126 First Avenue, starting this coming Tuesday, September 8th. The opening is from 6-9, so stop on by. It's an all black and white show, so I'm anxious to see what everybody hangs. The show, which is presented by the Lunasa Photo Series, is being curated by Bryan Formhals, who is the driving force behind La Pura Vida Gallery. Looking forward to meeting all the other photographers.