Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blogging is so...2008

Just getting caught up with my RSS feed, which I'll admit, I don't check but maybe once every few months. But in doing so, I see that so many of you are really getting on with your lives, publishing books, exhibiting, etc. Me? I've just been plowing through my third semester teaching high school photojournalism, plus my one afternoon a week teaching Photoshop at a local community college (Butler Community College). I recently started an 8-week teaching assignment at a private university here in Wichita, Friends University, and am looking to take on a class at Wichita State University in the fall. So, "adjunct" is definitely my M.O. these days. And Julian is getting big and saying words like "ball" "book" "key" "car" etc. My dear wife Yvonne is suffering massive NYC withdrawal, so we're due for a visit soon. But she's keeping busy working a part time job as well as taking nursing classes. Thankfully this winter has been sublime, I honestly don't think it's gone below 32 degrees at night more than a dozen times. Compared to last summer's record heat, (52 days with 100-plus degree temps) we'll take it.